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Current research

My research is focussed on stoichiometry (chemical ratios of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus) in soils and soil microbial biomass from reclaimed arable land after brown-coal mining. I am principally investigating how changes in stoichiometry in these restored lands can give insight into soil functions and shed light on interactions between soil microbes and plants. My research contributes to a large collaborative project, INPLAMINT which funded by the BonaRes (Boden als nachhaltige Ressource für die Bioökonomie).
Due to the handling of complex environmental data I am also very interested in data science and ecological statistics. I enjoy finding improved and reproducible solutions to handle large amounts of data, such as with the open source statistical software R. 


INcreasing agricultural nutrient-use efficiency by optimizing PLAnt-soil-Microorganism INTeraction
Intensive agricultural practices lead to nutrient imbalances, which are a major contributor to detrimental nutrient losses, groundwater pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. The aim of this project is to counter this nutrient imbalance and work towards a more sustainable agriculture by increasing the efficiency of fertiliser use based on the specific plant and soil microbial requirements, and soil nutrient holding capacity. My part of the project is to investigate the ecological stoichiometry in agricultural soils, looking specifically at the nutrient pools in the soil and the microbial fraction of soil.


  • 2014-2017 MSc Biological Sciences, University of Cologne, Germany: Thesis – "Changes in soil microbial activity and nutrient limitation over a 52 year chronosequence in post-mining reclaimed agricultural land."
  • 06/2015-07/2015 Ecological Consultancy Internship, BL Ecology, Bradford UK
  • 01/2013-10/2013 Waste water emergency scheduler, Welsh Water, Cardiff UK
  • 01/2012-10/2012 Drinking Water Quality Data Technician, Yorkshire Water, Bradford UK
  • 2008-2011 Joint honours science BSc - Physics and Biology, University of Liverpool UK