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AG Walkowiak (in Ruhestand)


Amphibians have long been used as models to illustrate basic principles in the neurosciences. The aim of our studies is to understand the neural basis of acoustic communication in anuran amphibians.

This comprises the auditory system, the vocal system, as well as the respiratory system which is closely related to vocalization. Further topics are audio-vocal integration, the influence of telencephalic structures (limbic system and basal ganglia) on acoustically guided behavior, and the influence of sex hormones and neuromodulators.

The analysis is conducted from the behavioral level down to single neuron level using different behavioral approaches as well as neuroanatomical (immunohistology, tracing) and neurophysiological (intra- and extracellular recordings, patch clamp) techniques.

Moreover, the auditory system of dolphins and whales has attracted our attention recently. These studies include the morphological analysis as well as the computational modeling of the peripheral and central auditory pathways.