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Aquatic and terrestrial systems can be very similar regarding the fundamental characteristics of function and structure. However, ecologists tend to focus on either the dry or the aquatic realm but these systems are rarely investigated under the premise of being tightly linked and being influenced by similar processes. Integrating the perspective of cross-boundary effects into the conceptional design of ecological studies could help to evaluate the consequences of biodiversity loss on the landscape level.

Together with students, colleagues and collaborators, I focus on trophic interactions and strive to understand the effects that structure food webs within and among ecosystems. We combine stable isotope and morphological techniques, fatty acid analyses and behavioral studies that include field surveys, manipulations in the field, mesocosm experiments, as well as laboratory experiments.

I am the Managing Director of the Ecological Research Station, located at the Lower Rhine river. Thus, most of my future projects will be conducted in the floodplain area of the Rhine river.


Dr. Kristin Scharnweber
Ökologische Forschungsstation Rees
Außenstelle des Instituts für Zoologie der Universität zu Köln
Dores-Albrecht-Straße 12
46459 Rees-Bienen
Tel.: +49 (0) 2851-8575