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Open positions & thesis

These are potential topics for BSc and MSc theses. Own ideas are welcome.

Explore the secrets of oribatid mite genomes:

  • Generate genome assemblies of oribatid mites
  • Annotate genomes and compare to published asexuals
  • Find new methods to sequence single individuals
  • Establish lab rearings
  • Check for clonal recombination

How to avoid mutations and stress:

  • Test if asexuals can cope with physical stress well
  • Elucidate the role of large population sizes for escaping extinction
  • Estimate the base mutation rate
  • Identify special repair mechanisms

What makes the sexes:

  • Find the genetic basis for male and female differences

Genomic conflict:

  • Work on transposable element dynamics
  • Test for holokinetic drive
  • Check for mito-nuclear interactions