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Potential topics for Bachelor/Master theses and internships

Exploration and description of „new“ and poorly known organisms (Sampling in nature, light microscopy, video microscopy, molecular genetics, taxonomy):

  • Terrestrial, freshwater and marine vampyrellid Amoebae (Vampyrellida, Rhizaria)

  • Predatory and parasitoid flagellates (Viridiraptoridae, Rhizaria)

  • Osmotrophic parasites of microalgae (z.B. Fungi)

  • Conjugating green algae (Zygnematophyceae)

  • Mycophaguous Ciliates (Grossglockneriidae)

Experimental ecology of microbial eukaryotes (Cultivation of microbes, light microscopy, laboratory experiments, statistic analysis, ecological interpretation):

  • Prey range specificity of predatory flagellates

  • Avoidance strategies of metabolic euglenophytes against predators

  • Sun screen mechanisms in terrestrial green algae

Cell biological questions (Immunocytochemistry, fluorescence microscopy, electron microscopy, molecular genetics):

  • Cytoskeleton architecture of flagellate Amoebozoa during locomotion and feeding

  • Identification of bacterial endosymbionts of microeukarotes

  • Infection experiments with intracellular bacteria of the Rickettsiales and Holosporales (Alphaproteobacteria)

Technical projects (Cultivation of microalgae and protozoa, design and analysis of experimental setups, establishment of methods):

  • Cryopreservation of unicellular microeukaryotes

  • Development and evaluation of a low-cost cryopreparation method for transmission electron microscopy

  • Quantitative methods for the determination of flagellar length in various flagellates